Z5 Android FAQs

Z5 Mobile is an app allows you to make both point-to-point and ZVRS calls on your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (4th Generation), iPad 2 and Android mobile devices.
There are several new features for you to enjoy on the new enhanced version of Z5 Mobile. One is the ability to view My Mail video messages left on your other Z phones, even return a call to the person who left the message. You also now have the ability to view and edit your 1Number settings on your mobile device. Want to edit your My Profile preferences? Now you can directly from you mobile device! Your address book is now integrated, so you can make calls from your device’s own address book or from your My Contact list. Finally, you can now link directly to The Z’s social media pages: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
Yes! You can make and receive calls through ZVRS with Z5 Mobile on your mobile device.
Yes, you can make HolaVRS calls with your mobile device using Z5 Mobile.
Yes, Z5 Mobile supports our VCO Plus service. Just speak directly into the microphone on your mobile device. You do not need voice plan through your cellular provider to use VCO Plus.
Yes, Z5 Mobile supports automatic 911 calls.
If you have questions or experience technical difficulties when using Z5 Mobile, please contact our Customer Experience Team for assistance by calling 866.932.7891 or help.zvrs.tv or sending an email to help@zvrs.com.