Z5 Desktop FAQs

Z5 Desktop is available now.
With Z5 Desktop, you can add a second video call to your existing call, so that all three people can see each other and share the call.
The address book from your profile automatically syncs with your Z5 Desktop, so there’s no need to download it.
Of course you can! As long as the other party has a registered local number.
No, however you can have FireFly which will allow for a visual alert. Your desktop will require either built-in Bluetooth or Bluetooth USB adapter.
Yes, it does! For instance, you can type in your own account number or menu option in the keyboard rather than signing the number to the video interpreter.
You can use maximize screen on your Mac (green dot on upper left of your window) or the small box on your Windows PC (small box on upper right.)
There are two ways to do this:
1. Press the Video Privacy icon OR
2. Press the spacebar on your computer keyboard
There could be several reasons why it is not connecting. First, First, make sure you use your Z username or local phone number to log into Z5 Desktop.

If you’ve forgotten your Profile password, please follow these steps:

1. Go to my.zvrs.com/my/session/new
2. Click on “Forgot your password?”
3. Type in your username or local number
4. Click the “Submit” button

Your temporary password will be sent to the email address saved in your Profile account.

If you receive an error message or do not receive your password, please contact Customer Expereince Team by calling 866.932.7891 or help.zvrs.tv through another videophone.

· Windows XP/2003/Vista/7 (including 64 bit versions), DirectX 9.0c or higher
· Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or higher
· Core 2 Duo class, 2.33 GHz (H264, 720p video calls)
· Core 2 Quad class, 2.66 GHz (H264, 1080p video calls)
· 1 GB Ram (2GB recommended on Vista)
· 30Mb hard-disk space
No. You can have a single number for people to reach you through Z5 Desktop OR Z5 Mobile.
No. This is only available on the Z5 Mobile at this time.
Yes, you can! Simply click the star in a contact and that contact will become one of your “Favorites.” Then, when looking at your contacts, you can select the “Favorites” view to show ONLY the contacts you’ve selected. This makes it easier and faster to find frequently used contacts.
Yes! Z5 Mobile supports automatic 911 calls. It works with any valid 3-digit phone number (such as 411 or 511). In fact, Z5 Mobile has a dedicated 911 button for emergency calls in Settings. You can press the “911” button in Settings or manually dial “911” from the keypad.
If you have questions or experience technical difficulties with Z5 Desktop, contact our Customer Experience Team for assistance:

We’d love to help! Call us at 866-932- 7891 to order one.
Email: help@zvrs.com