To sign up for Z5H, go to my.zvrs.com/my/z5_h/new.
Yes, you can login at this unique address: my.zvrs.com/my/z5_h/login.
Yes, you will be able to call and receive calls to and from any Z VP.
No, this is a free service provided by ZVRS.
Yes, you will have Video Mail enabled. You can view your Video Mail messages either on the Z5 app, or via your email account as an attachment.
Yes, you will have the ability to use Call Alert for your incoming calls.
No, we strongly encourage our hearing Customers to use their existing telephone.
No, you will only be able to call and receive calls to and from Z VPs because Z5H cannot access the national VP database which is necessary to make VP calls to other types of VPs. The FCC has a strict requirement that only deaf and hard of hearing individuals can have full access to the national VP database.
Not at this time. Very soon we expect to release the ability for deaf and hard of hearing individuals to make VRS calls to non-signing Z5H users to allow the deaf and hearing callers to see each other during a VRS call. For now, Z5H is only for signing Z5H users without VRS involvement.
Not at this time, but in the next phase you will be able to set up your account as an authorized, paid VRI customer.
Call 800-216-9293 (voice) or email CCATS@zvrs.com.
Z5H will work on OS X, Windows (except Windows phones), iOS and Android devices.