Customer Experience (General) FAQs

A credit or debit card is the preferred method of payment for orders.
(NOTE: We do not accept American Express.) Cash and personal checks are not accepted.
The FCC now requires that 10-digit local numbers must be assigned to all videophones to assist video interpreters (VIs) and emergency response center staff in processing 911 VRS calls.

For your everyday needs, you may continue to give your personal 800 number to anyone who needs to call you, just like you have in the past. However, you must also have a local 10-digit number assigned to your videophone, as well, to help identify the location of 911 emergency calls. This local number is stored inside your videophone and will appear as caller ID to the VI.

If your videophone has only an 800 number, there is no way to determine the location of your call, because 800 numbers are used nationwide. A local 10-digit number, however, has an area code and prefix that identifies more specifically the area in which you live, making it easier to determine the closest emergency response center to notify.

Please keep in mind that, when placing a 911 emergency call through VRS, you will still need to provide the address of your location to the video interpreter to confirm the address on file is correct.

For more information on placing 911 calls through VRS, go to

No. The Z™ does not offer free webcams.
If you remove the label, the warranty becomes void. This means you will no longer qualify for a free replacement if your videophone stops working within the warranty period. You will have to pay the full retail price in order to replace the damaged videophone.
When you purchase a videophone from The Z™, you become a licensee. This means that the Z videophone is exclusively yours, but that you are required to follow the terms and conditions as outlined in your Z agreement. By purchasing a videophone from The Z™, you acknowledge that the videophone is being sold to you at a substantial discount because CSDVRS, LLC has subsidized the price for deaf and hard of hearing customers. If you violate the terms of your Z Agreement or use the videophone in an illegal manner, such as giving the videophone to another person, CSDVRS can and will take back or disable the videophone, making it unusable.

You are not required to use ZVRS to place calls, log a minimum number of VRS minutes or any other stipulations in order to keep your Z phone. We also do not offer incentives or rewards for placing calls through ZVRS. Our only concern is to ensure that the equipment is for deaf and hard of hearing customers and that the licensee maintains possession of the videophone.

With ZVRS, you can call any telephone number in the world (with the exception of 900 numbers). All ZVRS calls must either originate or terminate in the United States and/or U.S. territories. In other words, to make an international ZVRS call, the caller must begin or end the call within the United States and/or U.S. territories. ZVRS calls can be processed in the following countries:

British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Hong Kong
Republic of Malaysia
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
United Kingdom

A tracking number cannot be assigned until the order is shipped. Once your Z phone has been shipped out, you will receive an e-mail with your tracking information.
My Contacts allows you to add and update contacts quickly online. Just follow these easy steps:

• Go to
• Click on “Login”
• Log in to your Account
• Click on “View/Edit Contacts”
• Add or edit any contacts
• Turn off your Z videophone

When you turn on your Z phone again or log back in, all of your contacts will be available and ready to use!

The “My Z Contact Book” web page holds up to 200 contacts. Five of those contacts have been pre-programmed on the Z videophones: ZVRS, ZVRS Spanish, ZVRS VCO, Customer Service and Z Meeting. That leaves you with 195 available contacts for your personal use.
Z Connect is a technology solution that allows Z phones to connect to most home and business networks as simply as possible. Just plug in Z Connect to the network, and you will be able to make and receive calls without any problems — no need for DMZ or port forwarding!
There are a few possible reasons why this might be happening:

1. You have dialed the number incorrectly. Please check the number and try again.
2. You have dialed characters such as parentheses “()“ or dashes “-“ or you have inserted spaces. Make sure that you are dialing ONLY numbers without spaces.
3. The phone number you are calling is not registered in the National Database.

1. Go to
2. Type in your username and password, then press the “Login” button.
3. Under “My Videophones,” click “manage My Videophone preferences” to see a list of all of your Z videophone numbers.
4. Find the phone number you want in the list, then click on “Business Cards” next to that videophone number.
5. Your business cards will be downloaded to your computer desktop and will be ready to print!

NOTE: Your business card has an optional line where you can type in your company name, home business, job title or other information that you would like included on your business card in addition to your name and phone number. You can also leave this field blank if you prefer to have only your name and phone number listed on your business card.
To use this optional field, follow the steps below:

1. On the “My Videophones” page, click on the videophone number you would like to use.
2. Go to the “Optional Business Card Field” and type in your company name or other information.
3. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page, then print your business cards following Steps 1 through 5 listed above.

If you realize you have created more than one My Profile account, we strongly recommend that you merge all of them into just one account. It’s much easier to manage your Z products with a single account. Just call Customer Care at 866.932.7891 or or send an email to and we will help you merge the accounts together.
Follow these steps if you’ve forgotten your My Profile password:

1. Go to
2. Click on “Forgot your password?”
3. Type in your username or Z5 local Number
4. Click the “Submit” button

Your temporary password will be sent to the email address saved in your My Profile account. If you receive an error message or do not receive your password, please contact Customer Care by calling 866.932.7891 or through your videophone.

To remove the local number you received from The Z or to switch it to a different VRS provider, call Customer Experience at 866.932.7891 or or send an email to